Saturday, July 23, 2011

Throwing Their Feces Against The Wall And Seeing If It Sticks

Libya War Lies Worse Than Iraq

"Asmara, Eritrea: The lies used to justify the NATO war against Libya have surpassed those created to justify the invasion of Iraq. Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch both had honest observers on the ground for months following the rebellion in eastern Libya and both have repudiated every major charge used to justify the NATO war on Libya.

According to the Amnesty observer, who is fluent in Arabic, there is not one confirmed instance of rape by the pro-Gadaffi fighters, not even a doctor who knew of one. All the Viagra mass rape stories were fabrications.

Amnesty could not verify a single “African mercenary” fighting for Gaddafi story, and the highly charged international satellite television accounts of African mercenaries raping women that were used to panic much of the eastern Libyan population into fleeing their homes were fabrications.

There were no confirmed accounts of helicopter gun ships attacking civilians and no jet fighters bombing people which completely invalidates any justification for the No-Fly Zone inSecurity Council resolution used as an excuse for NATO to launch its attacks on Libya.

After three months on the ground in rebel controlled territory, the Amnesty investigator could only confirm 110 deaths in Benghazi which included Gadaffi supporters.

Only 110 dead in Benghazi? Wait a minute, we were told thousands had died there, ten thousand even. No, only 110 lost their lives including pro-government people.

No rapes, no African mercenaries, no helicopter gun ships or bombers, and only 110 ten deaths prior to the launch of the NATO bombing campaign, every reason was based on a lie.

Today according to the Libyan Red Crescent Society, over 1,100 civilians have been killed by NATO bombs including over 400 women and children. Over 6,000 Libyan civilians have been injured or wounded by the bombing, many very seriously.

Compared to the war on Iraq, these numbers are tiny, but the reasons for the Libyan war have no merit in any form."

It's as if they're getting bored with coming up with public reasons for their agendas. They really jumped the shark with Libya. It literally didn't take minutes before astute observers recognized the utter idiocy of their propaganda. That screaming woman who burst into the hotel filled with international reporters. The rape pills. Gaddafi "strafing and bombing his citizens" while at the same time actually handing out AKs to the Libyan people. These strained efforts to convince us the designated villains are despised by the people are quite laughable.

It's ridiculously obvious now and it was very obvious with Saddam in Iraq. The Iraqi people were one of the best armed populations in the world yet Saddam had no problems standing on a podium to address tens of thousands of them, or wading through crowds. ( a search for photos I remember was fruitless) In Libya a couple of weeks ago possibly a full 1/4 of the population turned out in support of Gaddafi.
Hear about it? I didn't think so.

Pro-Qaddafi Rally Draws 1.7 million

"The argument in Libya has been won by the Al Fateh revolution. There is now a glaring truth confronting the North Atlantic Terrorist Organization (NATO) – Muammar Qaddafi has handed out over one million kalashnikovs to the Libyan people. If he was the brutal dictator that NATO would have us believe him to be, then the armed population could have turned their guns on him and the revolutionary armed forces by now, especially as they would have NATO’s full backing if they did so.

Instead, on July 1st, over a million Libyans, around one third of the Libyan population, were in Green Square and the surrounding streets, to hear Muammar Qaddafi speak and to rally against NATO.

Chinese media put the number at 1.7 million and Intifada – Voice of Palestine website called it ‘the largest demonstration ever in world history’.

You likes your agitprop?
Here's today's swill from the LA Times, packed with important anonymous info:

Captured Kadafi soldiers tell rebels they have doubts

"We talk about whether the war is right," said a prisoner from a town near the coastal city of Zawiya who was wounded in the frontline town of Kikla in the western mountains of Libya. He spoke on condition that his name not be published for fear of endangering his family.

"We have been talking about whether what we do is right or wrong. But we don't have any choice."

Recent battlefield victories by rebels in the Nafusa Mountains have yielded valuable clues about Kadafi's forces for those seeking to oust the Libyan leader. The finds include notebooks packed with soldiers' names and identification card numbers, sometimes left behind in hasty retreats.

Rebel soldiers in Nalut discovered kits filled with antidotes to chemical weapons, inspiring fear that Kadafi would be willing to use weapons of mass destruction against his own people to retain power."


Anonymous greencrow said...

Hi Nolo:

Here's my latest e-mail to Canadian Parliamentarians on the latest NATO genocide project--Libya. Enjoy:

Hi Parliamentarians:

Hope you're enjoying your expensive summer holidays...meanwhile Canadians are being dragged further down the Satanic NATO sewer!

Why is NATO deliberately trying to destroy Libya's only source of water...which will result in the deaths of millions? What has Libya done to Canada? Why doesn't Canada have its own foreign policy? Why are Canadians being kept in the dark about the satanic murderous agenda by the evil handful of people running our country through tyranny not democracy?

Oh, and have you checked the radiation levels in Canada resulting from fukyshima lately?

Canadians pay millions of taxes for the Canadian government health department to keep them safe....yet this guy has to run around the country in his truck taking rain samples to warn Canadians about the coming catastrophic effects of radiation from fukyshima.

What can I say about you guys...let's sum it all up....EVIL!


24/7/11 7:34 PM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

All so horrifically true, good letter. But I wonder if any of these government reptiles give a rat's ass about public opinion. It just seems that they're blazing ahead with a vile agenda and don't even feel the need to cover their tracks.

25/7/11 5:37 AM  

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