Friday, July 22, 2011

Fascists' Murderous Henchmen Will Be Free To Do Whatever They Want To The Wogs

U.S. Blocks Oversight of Its Mercenary Army in Iraq

"By January 2012, the State Department will do something it’s never done before: command a mercenary army the size of a heavy combat brigade. That’s the plan to provide security for its diplomats in Iraq once the U.S. military withdraws. And no one outside State knows anything more, as the department has gone to war with its independent government watchdog to keep its plan a secret.

Stuart Bowen, the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction (SIGIR), is essentially in the dark about one of the most complex and dangerous endeavors the State Department has ever undertaken, one with huge implications for the future of the United States in Iraq. “Our audit of the program is making no progress,” Bowen tells Danger Room.

For months, Bowen’s team has tried to get basic information out of the State Department about how it will command its assembled army of about 5,500 private security contractors. How many State contracting officials will oversee how many hired guns? What are the rules of engagement for the guards? What’s the system for reporting a security danger, and for directing the guards’ response?

And for months, the State Department’s management chief, former Ambassador Patrick Kennedy, has given Bowen a clear response: That’s not your jurisdiction. You just deal with reconstruction, not security. Never mind that Bowen has audited over $1.2 billion worth of security contracts over seven years."


Anonymous Nz said...

Oh, we know what it'll be like, more or less. It'll simply be another corrupt, totalitarian colony of empire where the puppet-leaders will have to do everything the way the imperialist leaders in DC (and Israel) tell them while the Iraqi people will be forced into submission by the mercenaries in a variety of ways, including mass-murder and false-flags which will constatly be blamed on different religious factions.

23/7/11 9:14 AM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

You got it Nz. And the way the script goes these days is that they declare problem solved or mission accomplished, and then the corrupt media conveniently ignores the festering disaster. Much like the gulf extinction event.

23/7/11 2:16 PM  

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