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Mossad Has Been Active In Norway For Decades


"The refugees were told that the men questioning them in fluent arab were "nordic colleagues" and believed that their detailed accounts on their biographies, political activities and organizational links were confidential information to be used exclusively by the norvegian authorities to determine their refugee status. But the arab speaking men were Israelis, officers of Mossad. During months they questioned Palestinian refugees with the consent and in presence of Norway's security (Overvakningspolitiet). Thus, the refugees unknowingly became informers of the state they view as the arch-ennemy of their people. The Norwegian government was not informed on this "informal cooperation".
Just one more case of blatant violation of the rights of asylumseekers by European secret services out of democratic control.

The scandal came to light, when a norwegian speaking Palestinian discovered that the "policeman" interviewing him did not understand a word of norwegian.

The Mossad was particularly interested in 19 refugees, all of them former members of the PLO who had left this organization. Two of them were offered money in exchange for working as informers. Norwegian security also sent lists containing the names of Palestinian and other Arab refugees to the Mossad which filed them in its data system. In one case Norwegian police handed over a list containing more than hundred names to Mossad - for "identity check", as an official explains. According to him, 8o of them were already filed in the israeli databank. Among those, 55 were rated by Mossad as "involved in terrorist activities" or "members of terrorist organizations". Israeli authorities rate all PLO organizations as "terrorist".

Norwegian-Israeli secret service cooperation runs within the framework of the so called "Kilowatt group". This is a loose "informal and practice oriented" network of secret services including the NATO-countries, Switzerland, Sweden, Israel and South Africa. It was created in the early seventies on Israeli initiative with the declared aim to combat terrorism.

In first statements the chief of Overvakningspolitiet Svein Urdal declared that such cooperation was "natural and justified under certain circumstances" and his predecessor asserted that "we decide, how the cooperation is carried out and how eventual hosts shall behave." Norwegian security officials also point out the "give and take" character of Kilowatt. Mossad, they say, is an invaluable source of information, but asks for services in exchange.

The Swedish journalist and secret service expert Jan Guillou asserts that Israel's influence on opinion making within the Kilowatt group is great: "Israel determines, what must be rated as dangerous." And with regard to the "give and take" game he notes: "When e.g. Israel expresses the wish that Palestinians or other Arabs be expelled from a scandinavian country, it can ask indirectly that this should happen. And it happens that it happens."

One should wonder what other secret deals exist between the two countries, and if some agreements went south, needing an unfriendly reminder of who's boss.

You see for me these acts of mass execution in cold blood like happened yesterday in Norway can't be explained away as lone lunatics. People, even those with severe psychosis, don't do such things without total instability, meaning intense agitation, wild eyes and inability to focus with a pulse that's off the charts. Most curiously though, eyewitnesses at mass killings invariably relate how the shooter is calm, collected, emotionless and focused. I'd bet the farm some survivors will say how this guy, and possibly others, acted exactly in this manner.

What needs to be done with this is look at the facts and ask the right questions. The very high body count immediately raised red flags. Being told that he used an M16 type weapon, and that 80+ have died, one should assume an equal or far higher number are wounded. Taking into account plenty of misses along with multiple dispatch shots with his rifle and handgun, this guy would have had close to 100 pounds of ammo on him., if he was alone. Quite a feat then to chase down teenagers through the woods and on a beach.

No, at this point I'd use Occam's razor to characterize this operation as an inside job, utilizing tried and true Mossad techniques of wanton slaughter, and as always for multiple reasons.
That the Norwegions needed a lesson in who's boss, that murderous calamity can magically occur anywhere seemingly for no reason, that the 'war on terror' is a legitimate endeavor and we shall forever be afraid unless we heed our masters' wise words.

added - corrupt zionist initial reporting of anything bad that happens:


Blogger Hei Hu Quan said...

Brilliant piece, very well done and much needed to add back-story clarity to the current events. Keep up the good works. I'm linking to it at my site to flesh out a reply a friend and colleague made. Hopefully more people will be able to read it.


25/7/11 7:13 PM  

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