Saturday, May 21, 2011

With The Stench Of Netanyahu's Presense, Washington Turns Into Locus Of Doomed Death Cult

Binnie the Rat Nitwityahoo

"When it comes to pure evil, very few can compete with the Rothschilds and their gangster banking state of Israel. Nothing about that comment can be construed as anti-Semitic because there’s nothing Semitic about The Rothschilds or their agents; presently Binnie the Rat Nitwityahoo and his cadre of Satan worshipping shit-weasels. It’s long been known that at the Rothschilds dining table a chair is set aside for their master, Satan. The real Semitics are The Palestinians and there is no greater anti-Semitism than that practiced by The Israelis against The Palestinians.

Here’s a short primary about Satanism. It’s the worship of the material plane and self-interest in respect of it. No greater example of materialism has been seen recently than that which came about in The Bolshevik Revolution, which was authored by the false Semites who founded modern day Israel, for the sole purpose of controlling the world’s money supply and all media that shapes public perception of conditions and events. A main feature of applied Satanism is the sacrifice of living victims, for the purpose of gaining increased power on the material plane. This the Israelis and their predecessors have been practicing against The Palestinians for the last century. These blood offerings to a god of malice and bloodshed has been job one, since they first began to worship at the altar of the darkest force in human history.

Because of the power of materialism in our time, the force behind Israel has become preeminent in the suasion of evil over human affairs, since before the last millennium. Because of the negative qualities active in the dark side of human nature, Israel stands as the greatest enemy of humanity that the world has seen, since the inception of recently recorded history. Because of a collective cowardice, coupled with the ability to choose their representatives from the larger human pool of those so inclined to service, little can be done to combat the ugly state of present day affairs. Every apologist and servant of these satanic entities, shares in the judgment and destiny of these psychopaths.

The daily murder of Palestinians and anyone working in the defense of it, is part of a policy of applied blood magic, for the service of increased power, by those who are now outing themselves before the eyes of the world and now, with The Apocalypse, a greater force is rising to meet them and destroy them utterly. Witness what is taking place in Spain and what will soon sweep the planet as their actions and operations are revealed through the lifting of the veils. Nature has joined the fight and is centering her reactions upon the false Christians and other agents of repression and police state mentality, as well as those in the deep sleep of material stupor.

Through blackmail; the threat of financial collapse, the control of food and fuel, as well as the placement of weapons of mass destruction throughout the world, they believe they are untouchable; such is not the case. Their doom is upon them and forces all around the world are rising up against them.

Do not ask yourself how these miscreants have been able to consolidate such power to themselves. They have done it by alignment with malefic forces that are deeply seated in the invisible and visible worlds. Through the use of magics in applied negative cabalism they have gained an avenue of telepathic invasion into the common mind of humanity. Now they are seeing that all of their efforts are to no avail, as the dike of darkness is being broken by the influx of light. When that force, which is known as The Avatar, comes to institute lasting change upon the planet, it begins to sweep before it all the entrenched entities that reside out of physical sight and pushes them outward on to the material plane, for the purpose of judgment. Here they are forced to hijack the bodies of the hypnotized and the willing in order to continue, in their efforts to bring an all pervading darkness upon the conditions of manifest life. It will not succeed and it never has. Eventually the cosmos steps in and turns every action on their part into exposure and defeat. They can see it coming but they have no comprehension of how or why. They believe that their enduring policies will allow them to continue and that what has been happening is only a temporary disturbance of their intent. Dream on."


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