Friday, May 20, 2011

The Real Speechification

Obama: Regardless of Arab Upheavals, our Commitment to Israel and Oil Producing States is permanent and rock solid

"First and foremost Let me be abundantly clear about one paramount national interest of this country and that is our unshakeable and undying support and commitment to the only democracy in the Middle East and our closest friend in the world, and that is the Jewish democracy of Israel. Our chains and bond with Israel is independent of any change in the region or the world. Israel is and will forever be America’s friend and in turn we will never let Israel down and will never turn its demands upon our treasury, our military support, our intelligence, or our consistent vetoes to shield it from any criticism at the U.N. or its agencies.

Most of the world, including many misinformed American and Israeli citizens, accuse the United States that our foreign policy is filtered through an Israeli prism. I say, so what? That’s the nature of true allies. Many accuse us of supporting and protecting Israel as it launches preemptive wars on nations and civilians that threaten it. I say, so what? That’s the Bush doctrine that led to removal of the tyrant Saddam Hussein and established a flowering democracy in Iraq. Many accuse us of sending hundreds of billions of dollars in free aid to Israel, the largest recipient of our foreign aid despite its enormous wealth, while our nation is economically suffering and millions of Americans are out of work.

But, isn’t that what friends are for? Many accuse us that AIPAC’s influence on Congress and our foreign policy is overwhelming and unprecedented and only on Israel is their resounding bipartisan support So what? This is a free country where citizens and groups can freely lobby their government on issues of policy.

Until the American people say otherwise and until our campaign finance laws are reformed we as politicians are bound to our wealthy campaign donors whether it be Wall Street, the Oil, Banking, Health Insurance industry or from wealthy Jewish Americans whose primary allegiance is to Israel’s welfare. That is American politics today, yesterday, and tomorrow until the American people unite and tell us to work for our national interest."


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