Friday, May 20, 2011

Prior Propaganda Fails

Initial success by CIA operatives to stage a phony "rebellion" in the nation with the highest per capita income and the most progressive society in Africa made the coup plotters bold. They wanted to cover the fact it was an outside intervention that started the bloody campaign against the Gaddafi government, so they pretended to be going it alone, an obvious propaganda ploy to make it seem the plucky and mythical long suffering populace had an ongoing home grown rebellion.

Free Libya Forces Spurn US Offers of Arms

"Public calls amongst top US officials to funnel weapons to the “Free Libya” movement that is on the verge of ousting long-time dictator Moammar Gadhafi have once again been spurned by leaders of the protest movement, who insist that they are fully capable of liberating what little of the nation means under regime control on their own.

We are against any foreign intervention or military intervention in our internal affairs,” insisted Abdel-Hafidh Ghoga, a human rights lawyer and the spokesman for one of the protesters’ major organizations.

Other protesters hung a massive sign from the top of a building reading “NO Foreign Intervention – Libyan People Can Manage It Alone” and there is increasing concern that should NATO in general or the US in particular intervene, it would attempt to hand-pick portions of the protest movement it favors to take power."

Since that was a crock of shit from the beginning, and since mercenaries have no real stake in outcomes involving external invasion vs patriotic nationalists, the will to keep this CIA coup going just withered on the vine. The Libyan military is beating the crap out of the fake revolution. Now the paid guerrillas want more dough to keep the ruse going.

Libyan rebels want food, supplies from West

"Libyan rebels are composing a list of items they say the West must buy for them, citing the Obama administration’s reluctance to formally recognize them as Libyans’ legitimate representatives or give them access to dictator Moammar Gadhafi’s frozen assets.

Rebel sources told The Washington Times the list will include food and medicines, supplies they say are at critically low levels, especially in western areas like Misrata and towns in the Nafusa mountains.

The U.S. Treasury has frozen about $34 billion in assets of Col. Gadhafi’s regime."

Libya rebels beg for more Nato strikes

It's transparently obvious what's going on in that country, despite the corrupt MSM doing all it can to frame it as one of those initially legitimate but now co-opted Arab revolts. It's painful actually, to see people swallowing yet more lies from the empire. Their acceptance is only going to lead to far worse violence, possibly outright storming the shores of Tripoli yet again, with the commensurate increased suffering of the Libyan people.
The whole murderous stupidity is an illegal scam.

Lawmakers largely silent on war powers authority in Libya

"U.S. operations in Libya hit the 60-day mark Friday, but Congress has grown largely silent on the administration’s unilateral intervention into the war-torn North African nation.

The 1973 War Powers Act (WPA) — the statute President Obama invoked when he launched forces in March — requires presidents to secure congressional approval for military operations within 60 days, or withdraw forces within the next 30.

Congress did not authorize the mission — which includes a no-fly zone, bombing raids, a sea blockade and civilian-protection operations — but the deadline has stirred little sense of urgency on Capitol Hill."



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