Sunday, April 03, 2011

Very Deadly Radiation 40 KM from Fukushima Yet No Evacuation

Whether this is criminal negligence, a strategy to prevent panic, a population reduction agenda or all three, it's happening all over the world now. Remember the extremely strenuous efforts to convince americans to keep splashing in toxic waters in the gulf and Fearless Leader's exhortations to eat gulf shrimp? Remember that cunt Christie Todd Whitman telling New Yorkers the air was safe after 9/11? This is what fascists will do like when they dumped millions of gallons of Corexit in oily gulf waters or exposed hundreds of thousands of GIs to Agent Orange and nuclear tests - out of sight, out of mind, delay, delay, until a year or two down the road when thousands become sick and die. By then connection to the root cause of illness can be denied, denied, and corporate profits along with the fascist agenda are nice and safe.

Don't Believe A Fucking Word The Government Says.


Anonymous greencrow said...

Good link, nolo. Looks like I might have to buy my own geiger counter to find out what the radiation numbers are here...absolutely nothing in the news although there has been incessent rain for weeks.


3/4/11 11:53 PM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

gc, do you have potassium iodide pills yet?
Seems to be a ground zero amount of radiation heading your way.

4/4/11 6:29 AM  

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