Saturday, April 02, 2011

There are very few people in the world today that I would consider heros. The people that I most highly respect come into life with a sense of service to others, coupled with boundless enthusiasm and drive that leave me breathless. What's interesting is how each one of them has been mercilessly attacked by the powers that be for his/her outspokenness. One is a man called John Dobson that I had the supreme pleasure to meet at a star party up in Oregon about twenty five years ago. This man devoted his life to popularizing backyard celestial gazing and his revolutionary design for simple, highly effective and inexpensive telescopes literally revolutionized astronomy and made it accessible to everyone. Right now he's 95 years old.

Another person I truly admire is Dr. Helen Caldicott. She's been a tireless opponent of all things nuclear over the years and was one of the only sane voices back during the Reagan insanity. I would dare say her views have been quite vindicated these days.

One more person is Graham Hancock. He's an author, explorer and a frequent guest on radio shows like Coast to Coast. If there was anybody who most resembles in real life the fictional Indiana Jones it would be this man. As an author his approach to ancient mysteries wasn't just academic, he traveled to all the places he wrote about and invested his life into researching his subjects. For his book Underworld he put on scuba gear and repeatedly dived to photograph sunken civilizations all over the world. For his work detailing shamanism , for his experiential research, he traveled to South America and took the psychedelic plant mixture ayahuasca. He's said there's nothing more he could write about ancient civilizations, and his main focus today is being an advocate for our freedom to explore our own consciousnesses in any way we see fit, actually the very essence of true freedom:


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