Friday, April 29, 2011

And People Tumble Into The Grand Canyon Every Year

Tourists fined for walking on Yellowstone's Old Faithful

"Yellowstone National Park rangers say members of a tour group have been ticketed after someone watching on a webcam several states away saw them walking on the cone of the iconic Old Faithful geyser.

A news release says someone watching from Wisconsin called rangers Wednesday evening to tell them about the errant tourists. When the first park ranger arrived, she found about 30 people around the geyser's cone taking pictures.

The tourists said they didn't see the signs that spell out the dangers of thermal areas and the requirement to stay on boardwalks and designated trails.

The group leader, the bus driver and one member of the first group of four visitors were cited with a $125 fine."

The Mrs and I have traveled extensively through the national park system, and we've seen our share of idiots.Parks out west have a lot of up and down, and that seems to attract the types who's last words usually are "Hey, watch this!" I imagine people from the cities, visiting wildly scenic areas for the first time, can go a little overboard trying for that best photograph. No excuse though to let kids run unsupervised next to 1000 foot sheer drops or in this case, stick your face over a caldera that jets superheated water a hundred feet in the air.


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