Friday, April 29, 2011

Your Daily Mandatory Holocaust Reminder

Holocaust, The Musical.

Holocaust musical brings oy to the world

"Only visuals make an impression -- Murphy sauntering about in long braids, surrounded by dancing rabbis -- because the score fades into oblivion even as it's being played. Stoller and Artie Butler's music is a little klezmer-ish, a little ballad-ish and a lot crap-ish, while Dart's lyrics are clumsy, at best. "I left my shopping list at home when I went out to shop," Bubbie sings in "Selective Memory" -- the only tune half-worthy of Murphy's talent.

But it's not just the music that's subpar: The book is full of holes, and pulls at the heartstrings without earning its pathos, ensnaring good supporting performers like Alexander Gemignani (Paul's son), Nicole Parker, Chip Zien and Christopher Innvar into a gooey mess.

The Roundabout rarely presents original musicals, putting its money instead into revivals and revues. Tellingly, it has managed to find something new that looks, sounds and feels dated."


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