Wednesday, April 27, 2011

How We Should Treat Corrupt Sociopaths

Congressman pees his pants and flees from angry seniors

"KENOSHA – Protesters waited for [Wisconsin] Congressman Paul Ryan outside a listening session at Gateway Technical College in Kenosha, many of them were seniors holding preprinted signs that read ‘Hands Off My Medicare.’

They chanted, “Ryan stop lying!” There was capacity crowd inside the school’s Madrigrana Auditorium. “Do not renew the Bush tax credit for the wealthy,” one man said during the public comment period, even giving out his phone number in front of everyone. “I’ll debate these issues with you anytime, just call me.”

At times, the Janesville Republican sounded more like a referee than a lawmaker. “If you're yelling, I just want to ask you to leave,” Ryan requested. “If you're going to scream out like that, it's just not polite to everyone. We've got media here. Let's prove to them that Wisconsinites can be cordial with one another.” TODAY’S TMJ4 set up an interview with Ryan following the meeting, but it was scrapped by staffers and police over a security concern. The congressman changed the door where he planned to exit and left in a different vehicle than the one than he arrived in. “There were just definitely some loud hecklers who came that gave the police a little concern,” Ryan told TODAY’S TMJ4 reporter by phone. “I left in another car with the police. My car, some people did surround. But, they didn’t cause any problems and I had a staffer who drove my car and we had really no problems.” Ryan insists the hurried exit should not be “blown out of proportion.”

This is a rethug dipshit who loves funding war without end while at the same time cutting social services. We should make these corporate bitches look over their shoulder and fear the citizenry.

added - Ryan was a social security baby


Blogger BillK said...

And we're afraid of people like this?

28/4/11 7:08 AM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

Haha, running out the back door because some elders are making noise!

28/4/11 2:03 PM  

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