Saturday, April 23, 2011

Badged Thugs Will Soon Be Shot On Sight

I remember just after the Rodney King verdict, someone had a video camera taping on a Los Angeles street.
Letting those club wielding badged criminals off the hook thoroughly enraged the people of the city.
The video I saw, which unfortunately I can't find again, had a police cruiser racing down a street to avoid residents throwing stones at it, busting it's windows, desperate to get to some sort of safety, away from angry residents.
Uniformed, psychopathic creeps who love the control a sick elite has over a drugged and complacent society feel quite confident in dehumanizing and roughing up citizens. Once their control mechanism is broken, and I believe it will be sooner than later, these completely insane, pathological human scum will shed their uniforms in a New York Second to avoid retribution.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please dont issue a written threat to shoot cops... its not funny!

I am a cop and have been for 22 years. I understand this video is disturbing and the cops behavoir is COMPLETELY unacceptable. Each officer involved complaint must be investigated, it is state law that each police dept must honor and investigate officer related civil complaints. Use of force and otherwise street issues like this need to be reported to the department chief or station captain. For the readers and bloggers and post-gods, contact your local PD and find out the civil complaint reporting procedures to report field officers conduct on duty. Together good cops and the public can work together to address these issues and provide better training tools and information sharing so the public is more aware of what cops do and how they can better serve the public. A-hole cops forget that they are servers of the public and must keep professional and retain the publics trust at all times in uniform, of face the truth that if your are a bad cop or dirty, you will be found out about a violation and fired/loss of job or face court for you actions. Questions? contact your local PD or my mail redx1066@yahoo happy to provide information to better the communities trust in cops.

25/4/11 2:47 PM  

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