Friday, April 22, 2011

Let Me Give My Two Cents

On current end times preparations. Several things.
At Rense, there's this post.
A very laudable effort to be prepared, especially in light of us being showered with deadly radiation from Japan. I've been an intense gardener for over thirty years and I'm going through the motions this season, sort of forlornly, since I have serious doubts that my efforts will ever be eaten because of radioactive contamination.

That Rense post shows how to use big plastic storage containers as growing pots. I actually have a few of them in my garage that I use to store clothes. Here is a picture from that post showing a half dozen of them with prepared growth medium ready to have seeds put in them, in front of a south facing window:

Pretty nice looking location and a good st up. Those are big bins - 54 gallons I believe. However the most you can expect from this is a very small amount of leafy greens because the sunlight available just isn't enough to grow anything else. As a matter of fact, the post goes on to show only a few lettuce plants that the grower grew.

I've got to say that the effort that went into this in no way justifies the amount of benefit accrued. You have to have a much longer sun to grow plants indoors. A laudable attempt to encourage people to grow food indoors when radiation probably will contaminate all agriculture soon, but don't get your hopes up with something as limited as this. You'll never grow more than a few little morsels and believe me, the effort doesn't pan out. Also, you have to drill a lot more holes for drainage, preferably bigger holes where you can use stones to keep the potting soil from coming out.
You're much better off growing sprouts. They take only days, not weeks, cost far less, and can be put on a windowsill for a few hours in the sun for a daily chlorophyll intake. The effort above will cost you over $200, growing sprouts will only cost you pennies. You must have a lot more sun than the window in the Rense article will allow to grow anything but some little green things.

One other item. About coming out the other end.
We're entering uncharted territory, where stuff we've taken for granted may not be around for long. Let me tell you how to have a porto - potty on the cheap.
Get a 5 gallon bucket.
Get a replacement toilet seat and lid from some home improvement store. They usually fit the top of the bucket quite well.
Get lots of 13 gallon bags. Replace when necessary, no need for flushing.
Have some bleach on hand unless you want to compost your waste, but that's a whole other ballgame.
There you go.

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