Thursday, April 21, 2011

All About The Poor, Besieged Agressor Nations

Frustration grows in Western capitals over Libyan stalemate

"As the United States and its major allies were gearing up for a no-fly zone over Libya, a senior U.S. general was asked over a private dinner whether the strained American military was up for another Middle East conflict. We could easily impose a no-fly zone, he replied, according to one of his tablemates, but what would the objective be?

More than a month and hundreds of coalition airstrikes later, the answer has remained elusive, and the war goes on.

Under the terms of U.N. Security Council Resolution 1973, which on March 17 authorized Western air operations over Libya, NATO aircraft are bombing to protect civilian lives. But according to increasingly explicit statements from European leaders, they are also deployed to help an armed rebellion defend its positions and pressure Moammar Gaddafi and his sons to give up power in Tripoli.

The equivocation, according to observers inside and outside the alliance, has fostered frustration in European capitals at what seems increasingly to be a stalemated ground war along the sandy expanses of Libya’s Mediterranean shore. Moreover, it has strained the cohesion of NATO’s 28 member countries, some of which insist on sticking strictly to the civilian protection mission while others say the only way to protect Libya’s population is to get rid of Gaddafi."

Frustration about achieving goals, this is the cover story for a whole different reality. Naked colonial aggression for resource control and geopolitical positioning is making a lot of people uneasy with it's blatant hypocrisy and lies. Lots of punk politicians will take bribes to sign onto stink like this but when the going gets hard they'll get cold feet. After all, these idiotic "humanitarian" reasons for war on Libya are blown out of the water by news that the "rebels" are CIA stooges and the munitions dropped on the Libyan people will keep North Africa radioactive for quite some time.
"Protecting civilian lives" indeed.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just like ALL the other FAKE wars or Long term battles, the BS continues. When will this end with america military. I knew this last months, we would be there with NATO and accomplish nothing for the good of the people! Bombs, air strikes, deaths, oil, Bla Bla Bla. Thanks to the Nig president of ours doing nothing but lip service, i am sick of all the american related deaths of our guys and gals. Remember like posted before, most accidental deaths have occured by accidents not with Libian fighting. Aircraft crashes, friendly fire etc in all eastern and western africa and Afgan shit. ANSWER- PULL OUT and re use troops in america for high crime areas of cities that dont/cant afford city police anymore.

21/4/11 1:30 PM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

As you allude to anon, it's all a charade and the US military is used as pawns to be tossed away when their usefulness is ended. We should end all the wars, bring the troops home and use the damn money for the infrastructure and the peoples' benefit. Not corporations, not banks, not Israel.
Oh wait a second, I guess I sound like a shootable commie.

21/4/11 3:19 PM  
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