Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Your Mandatory Daily Holocaust Reminder

This one literally takes the cake.

Cookbook Preserves Treasured Recipes from the Holocaust

"The last time Regina Finer’s mother cooked the soft, dense potato dumplings called kluskies, Regina couldn’t have been more than 12.

It was the same year the Nazis took Finer’s parents from their home in the Warsaw ghetto — she never saw them again — and sent her, her sister and an aunt to the Majdanek concentration camp.

Finer’s mother never got a chance to teach her daughter how to make the dumplings, a Passover specialty. By the time Finer landed in America with a new husband and young child, she brought with her only persistent yet elusive memories of her mother’s cooking.

Even at age 84, she can still recall the sizzle of a potato latke hitting a hot pan, the faint scent of almond in the gefilte fish, the comforting pillow-like bulk of those kluskies.

And although that world is gone, Finer, like other Holocaust survivors, have found ways to resurrect it, one bite at a time."


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