Thursday, March 31, 2011

Whistling Past The Graveyard If You're In The Coalition Of The Criminal

The “Body Snatching Gadhafi” Propaganda Rises from the Dead

"Zombie Propaganda. Like the story of Iran’s nuclear weapons or Iraq’s WMDs that just won’t die no matter how many times we carefully and thoroughly shot them in the head, the “Body Snatching Gadhafi” story just won’t stay buried.

In PR preparation for Obama’s big talk on Libya tomorrow, the globalist puppets ran around the Sunday morning “news” programs spouting ever more unbelievable lies about Libya and the Gadhafi regime just as fast as they possibly could. Hillary Clinton and Robert Gates (Bush II’s secretary of defense held over by Obama and his “CHANGE” regime) filmed an interview on CBS yesterday so they could be on all the Sunday morning talk shows ensuring that their message was the ONLY one to hear.

Gates carefully broached the “Body Snatcher” story while Secretary Clinton, aka “President Clinton the 2nd”, nodded sanctimonious at his side. The scene reminded me of the “Black Bush” skit from the old Dave Chappelle Show. If you haven’t seen it, you need to. It’s posted at the end of this article.

Gates stated that while they were “having trouble” confirming civilian casualties resulting from our air-strikes, he did have several “intelligence reports” that Gadhafi was running around taking bodies “of people he killed” and planting them at the locations of places we bombed so that it looks like we killed them.

Of course they are “having trouble” confirming the casualties. That’s what happens when you deliberately work to avoid confirming the dead civilians that will end up getting you fired from your job as secretary of defense and get the US kicked out of the coalition of the criminal.

If Gates had sat down with Cheney and made such ridiculous, unsupported claims, with language that was clearly chosen to provide plausible deniability in the future, the left would have been tripping over each other to expose this bullshit just as fast as they could. This is the power of “left cover”. Just sit a Clinton down next to a lying war-monger and everything is peachy-keen.

The CBS interview is funny to watch actually. Gates can’t bring himself to answer in the affirmative when the host asks him directly if Gadhafi is planting dead bodies at these locations. All he can say is that there are “intelligence reports” of it. This OBVIOUSLY is designed to provide them with plausible deniability in the future when it turns out that this story is bullshit. He can always say “everybody thought” that the intelligence reports were accurate. Sound familiar?"

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