Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Lesson For The Corrupt Media Dinosaurs

NYT’s $50 million ‘paywall’ crumbles with simple code exploit

"Want to stay up-to-date with The New York Times? It used to be as simple as keying up Today though, with a new "paywall" that denies access to new stories to non-subscribers, avid news junkies far and wide are facing a future where information comes at an increasingly high price.

In fact, the Times is counting on that very outcome, and they've spent as much as $50 million building their online subscription package, according to Bloomberg.

With such a hefty sum behind their plan to charge for access to the news, executives at the Times might be a little more than peeved today, now that a simple Javascrpit exploit has been found that can smash right through the wall.

All it takes is four lines of text, and down it falls."


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