Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Worse By The Hour

‘Maximum Alert’ In Japan Over Fukushima Nuke Crisis As TEPCO Head Vanishes From Sight

"Workers at the Fukushima nuclear power plant are working in overdrive, attempting to stop the spread of radioactive materials into the ocean as well as avoid a full scale meltdown.

In a startling development, Crews found traces of plutonium in the soil outside of the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear complex on Monday, but officials continued to insist there was no threat to public health. Plutonium is highly dangerous and has raised the level of fear tenfold."

"Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan has stated that Japan is on Maximum Alert and the situation remains unpredictable and ever changing.

Multiple embassies in Japan have started to pass out potassium iodide tablets as a precautionary measure. These tablets are being distributed in a 250km radius yet Japanese officials continue to claim that potassium iodide is only needed within the 20km evacuation zone.

The difference in opinion between the Japanese government and Foreign embassies is so huge that it seems impossible that Japan is not covering up the extent of this disaster."

We may have to face the fact that large swaths of the northern hemisphere will eventually be too contaminated to grow food, even here in North America. You can't count on anything the Japanese and american officials are saying. This literally could be an extinction event. If the meltdown reaches the water table and explodes like a volcano all bets are off. In case of massive radiation plumes all food production will cease and what you have is all you're going to work with.
We may only have days or weeks to prepare.
The Mrs and I are in a good place, which is fortuitous because there probably won't be anywhere to run in a worst case scenario, except maybe those vast underground bunkers or overlords have stocked up with our stolen money. We have good deep well water that I can run with a generator if the power gets shut off. All open water sources could get too contaminated to drink. We've prepped as well as we could under the circumstances. I'm looking out the window at the big garden I put in, not knowing at this point If I'm going to grow anything in it ever again.

If the situation gets as bad as some fear, I have a tip for people who want to survive as long as possible. There's one fairly cheap and easy way to supplement your (hopefully) stored rice and beans. Grow sprouts. A couple of tablespoons of seeds and a few ounces of water to flush them and keep them moist will yield several days of nutritious, chlorophyll rich food that you grow on a window sill. I bought enough different seeds for a couple of years continuous growing. You can do it on the cheap in jars, or get much more effective kits, I bought this one, minus all the sampler seeds, for $29. It works wonderfully. Cheaper, five pound bags of dependable sprouting seeds that you select can be had from Amazon for about $25. I have three trays going now, broccoli, radish and an experimental wheat grass. Do it, it's a good thing to have even if this dire situation miraculously improves.

baby radish sprouts, tangy and delicious


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You may want to try

31/3/11 4:53 AM  
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Whoa! Thanks for that Billk, what a selection they have!

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