Sunday, March 27, 2011

Controlled Opposition


Fascists learned a long time ago to set up red herrings and blind alleys to snare what they fully expected to be widespread opposition to their criminality and murderous depravity. These groups and news sources pretend to stand opposed to authoritarian tyranny but invariably lead you nowhere. They use all the tricks in the Propaganda 101 Playbook, either by design or because they're too stupid to know they're being played for fools. The manipulators couldn't care less if we spend our time endlessly going around a hamster wheel only paying attention to the trees as long as they control the forest.

As an example, during the Vietnam invasion and slaughter the corrupt MSM pretended to ask questions, but the questions never strayed from a narrow parameter. So instead of asking "Just what the fuck are we doing in Vietnam?" or "Who the hell is profiting from this useless carnage?", the questions were along the line of "Will the troop increases work?' and "How well is Westmoreland doing his job?'

With occasional lapses into Orwellian thuggery it seems like the Huxley version of tyrannical dystopia won out.


Anonymous greencrow said...


Must watch:

And particularly, the last frame if this video.


27/3/11 8:55 PM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

Boy I agree with him completely about those possibilities, except for one thing. We're in an accelerated, manufactured period of total chaos and the dire outcomes of sabotage certainly were meant to be as disastrous as possible, not limited in scope as he suggests. We should fully accept the population reduction agenda with the Gulf Extinction Event and widespread use of DU and endless war. The intent is to cull humans and destroy our genetic ability to access higher consciousness.

Talk about disasters! I've seen reports that the Japan archipelago might be in the process of complete collapse, a la Edgar Cayce's warnings. China, Russia, Indonesia, Malaysia and the entire west coast of the western hemisphere would be utterly destroyed. Hmm, I wonder who'd benefit from all that??

28/3/11 6:32 AM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

gc, you might want to read this.

28/3/11 7:01 AM  

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