Friday, March 25, 2011

Germans Wake Up, So Expect False Flag "Incidents"

Germany shuts down seven reactors

""We are launching a safety review of all nuclear reactors ... with all reactors in operation since the end of 1980 set to be idled for the period of the (three-month) moratorium," Chancellor Angela Merkel said.

This covers seven nuclear reactors in Germany, which decided a decade ago to be nuclear-free by 2020, a target postponed until the mid-2030s by Merkel's government late last year -- despite strong public opposition."

Germany Pulls Out of NATO Activities Over Libya

"Germany has withdrawn from NATO activities in the Mediterranean because of the forces’ mission in Libya is unclear.

According to the German defense ministry, who stated on Tuesday that Berlin withdrew from military actions in the Mediterranean, after the involvement of the Western military alliance in the Libya conflict, was not clear, reported the DPA.

Two ships and two frigates holding a total of 550 persons would return to the command of Germany. Also to be withdrawn, are 60 to70 German troops taking part in NATO operated AWACS surveillance operations, based in the Mediterranean.

Fascists have sullied the uniform

"US military newspaper Stars and Stripes reported on Thursday that troops in Europe had been ordered “to the maximum extent possible” to refrain from wearing their uniforms off-base, even during daily commutes, in a bid to make them less conspicuous to would-be attackers."

When Australians weren't on the same page


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