Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Things Are Getting Interesting

Strange Caller, Earthquakes, & and a Near Earth Object

"There has been much conjecture, speculation, and some science applied to theories surrounding the New Madrid fault line, the dead birds, earthquakes in Arkansas, and the BP oil spill.

There has been recent speculation about a strange caller that allegedly called the Alex Jones Show last Friday stating that she worked for the White House and knew of a coming “pole shift” that might take place around March 15, 2011 according to several YouTube users (there is still no audio available of this call).

Evidence shows that magnetic pole fluctuations have happened from time to time in the past. But what about a physical pole shift?

According to the underground reports; the alleged callers segment mysteriously vanished from the radio archives and was only caught on the live broadcast.

Late Friday another call was received by George Noory of the popular radio show Coast to Coast AM. Some say she was the same caller that called the Alex Jones Show, while others say the Alex Jones caller utilized a voice augmentation devise.

During the call from a woman known only as “Natalie”, George Noory (the host), acknowledged the caller in a way that appeared he recognized the caller from the Alex Jones Show earlier that day.

For months now others such as Henning Kemner have made presentations on how the BP oil spill could potentially trigger a massive earthquake in the New Madrid zone by lubricating and loosening the fault zones under the earth’s crust. Whether all of this is intentional by the powers that be or accidental remains a question.

Over the last few months many birds and other animals have been turning up dead en masse near the New Madrid fault line. Reports of the cause of death to the animals varies immensely from case to case, raising suspicion of a media or governmental cover-up.

Interestingly enough March is earthquake preparedness month for Missouri."

FEMA Buying 140 Million Meals For A Specific Earthquake

That hasn't happened yet.


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