Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Infinate War For Corporate/Ziofascist Agenda Takes It's Toll

For Second Straight Year, Military Suicides Outnumber Combat Deaths

"For the second year in a row, the U.S. military has lost more troops to suicide than it has to combat in Iraq and Afghanistan. The reasons are complicated and the accounting uncertain — for instance, should returning soldiers who take their own lives after being mustered out be included? But the suicide rate is a further indication of the stress that military personnel live under after nearly a decade of war. Overall, the services reported 434 suicides by personnel on active duty, significantly more than the 381 suicides by active-duty personnel reported in 2009. The 2010 total is below the 462 deaths in combat, excluding accidents and illness. In 2009, active-duty suicides exceeded deaths in battle.

Last week’s figures, though, understate the problem of military suicides because the services do not report the statistics uniformly. Several do so only reluctantly."

I would assume they have a harder time covering up military suicides which is why this professed ratio is being stated. It's an absolute certainty the pentagon is covering up a much greater casualty rate. In any event the fact that life as a criminal mob enforcer is so soul crushing should sicken every american.


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