Friday, February 25, 2011

Thin Mints Goes With Kebab And You Know Where That's Eaten

The problem with this, you jackass police drone? Getting a permit IS NOT GOING TO MAKE THE KIDS SAFER. It's only going to cover your imperious ass if some shitbag driver mows a little urchin down. Rather than take steps to really protect the kids by parking an unused squad car at a corner with it's hazards on, or counseling all involved about maniac drivers, you take the stupid, easy route to cover your lazy ass from blame and steal a bunch of the frightened Girl Scout's profits for police coffers. Wonderful economics and civics lesson here for little children, Captain Killjoy, nobody fucks with the tin badges and the guns on the hips. Oh that's right, you unholster the Glocks and smile big toothy smiles when you steer the kids through the local precinct on propaganda tours to try and make up for the fact you just ruined a nice childhood experience that would enable them to feel good about themselves.


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