Thursday, February 24, 2011

Back To The Shores Of Tripoli

Imagine the shock. After a week of preparation and propaganda, empire is about to collect the Libyan prize.

Media Demonizes Gaddafi as Pentagon Prepares Attack

"As we reported yesterday, (Globalists Prepare Libyan Intervention Under Humanitarian Cover) the United States has specific instructions to intervene militarily in Libya under the cover of providing humanitarian assistance.

Less than 24 hours after our report, the Pentagon has announced it is looking at “all options” in dealing with the Libyan crisis. In short, it is drawing up plans to intervene.
“Our job is to give options from the military side, and that is what we are thinking about now,” a Pentagon official told CNN. “We will provide the president with options should he need them.”

“This department is always doing prudent planning for any number of contingencies,” Pentagon spokesman Col. Dave Lapan told reporters. “The president said yesterday that the United States is discussing with allies and partners a full range of options regarding the situation in Libya. But we are not going to discuss what any of those specific options might be.”

Obama Press Secretary Jay Carney dressed up the coming military attack as “a range of options on how to protect American citizens in Libya and compel the Libyan government to stop attacking its own people,” according to CNN.

The U.S. used a similar excuse when it invaded the Caribbean island state of Grenada in 1983. Then president Reagan declared that a Cuban-Soviet invasion of Grenada was imminent and that weapons were being stockpiled that would be used by terrorists.

“What we have said is we’re not going to specify which options are on or off the table. We’re discussing a full range of options,” Carney told reporters, adding that it was likely any action would be in concert with the international community, in other words at the behest of the global elite.

“We’re interested in outcomes,” Carney said. “We’re interested in taking measures that will actually have the desired effect, which is getting the Libyan government to stop” killing its own people.

The United States is highly selective in how it responds to humanitarian crises in Africa. Declassified documents held at the National Security Archive reveal how U.S. policymakers decided to be “bystanders” during the genocide that ravaged Rwanda in 1994. Contrary to later public statements, the U.S. lobbied the UN for a total withdrawal of forces in Rwanda in April 1994, according to the documents.

More than 800,000 people were massacred in the East African nation. Rwanda is a country of few natural resources, and the economy is based mostly on subsistence agriculture by local farmers and therefore is of little interest to international bankers and globalists.

Libya holds the largest proven oil reserves in Africa, followed by Nigeria and Algeria. According to Oil and Gas Journal (OGJ), as of January 2010 Libya had total proven oil reserves of 44 billion barrels.

In the lead-up to sending in the Marines, the corporate media has stepped up its demonization of the eccentric dictator Moammar Gaddafi."

added 2/24/2011 - Right on cue, corrupt media is trumpeting the Al Qaeda angle for the Libyan takeover. Notice the other uprisings have no references to this CIA front group - it was reserved for Libya to justify ziofascist military intervention.
Also notice who's saying this on CNN - the Site Institute, Mossad source of some of those notoriously fake Bin Laden tapes.

Al Qaeda's North African wing says it backs Libya uprising

"(CNN) -- Al Qaeda's North African wing has said "it will do whatever we can to help" the uprising in Libya, according to a statement the militant group posted on jihadist websites

The statement by Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb was posted Thursday, said SITE, a terrorist-tracking organization based outside Washington."

added 2/25/2011- Faux article link that absolutely reeks of agitprop below. MSM will be going pedal to the metal to convince the dullards invasion of Libya will be absolutely necessary. Forget the inaction in Rwanda; Rwanda didn't have oil. Expect to hear about incubator babies soon.

(added - That Didn't Take Long!)

Posts reminding about Blackwater/XE mercenary murderers hired by the US coming soon.

Libyan mercenaries: captured Africans deny charges


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