Saturday, February 26, 2011

I Wonder If Obama Will Now Freeze al-Maliki's Assets

Somehow I think not.

23 protesters killed in Iraq's 'Day of Rage'

"Baghdad, Feb 26 (IANS) At least 23 people were killed Friday as Iraq's newly-elected government of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki faced a massive protest amid calls for a 'Day of Rage' demanding political reforms.

Tens of thousands of Iraqis surged into the streets in at least a dozen demonstrations across the country, storming provincial buildings, forcing local officials to resign and freeing prisoners, the Washington Post reported.

The protesters, including Sunnis, Shias, Kurds and Christians, were demanding adequate electricity, clean water, healthcare facility and jobs in the war-ravaged country."

Obama freezes Khadafy's assets in U.S., closes embassy in Tripoli

But it's just fine if empire's colony does the exact same thing they're claiming is happening in Libya.

Iraq 'Day of Rage' protests followed by detentions, beatings

"BAGHDAD - Iraqi security forces detained hundreds of people, including prominent journalists, artists and intellectuals, witnesses said Saturday, a day after nationwide demonstrations brought tens of thousands of Iraqis into the streets and ended with soldiers shooting into crowds.

Four journalists who had been released described being rounded up well after they had left a protest at Baghdad's Tahrir Square. They said they were handcuffed, blindfolded, beaten and threatened with execution by soldiers from an army intelligence unit."


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