Thursday, February 17, 2011

Enough Is Enough From These Despicable Media Whores

Attention brought to the fact that Faux switched video and audio to try and discredit a Ron Paul CPAC tally forced them to make an on air apology.

here's the damning expose:

Too little, too late with these half hearted, watered down mea culpas. Instead of "honest mistakes" these concerted efforts to maliciously mold public opinion with fraud should be prosecuted and Murdoch stripped of this "news organization" pretense. It's tried and true propaganda 101. Make a splash with a bullshit story on the front page and put your disclaimer a few days later on page 27. Faux has pulled this filth many times before. In the run up to the Iraq invasion and occupation FAUX sponsored flag waving rallies with free refreshments and music, then pretended to cover them as objective news stories signifying groundswells of public support for the Bush mob's war
Remember that FAUX producer leading cheers in front of a tea bagger's crowd as they were filming?

Outfoxed Part 1


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