Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Video That Should Have FAUX's Press Credentials Burned

The fake "news organization" uses last year's video and audio from the CPAC convention in place of this years's. Reason being the crowd last year, packed with a rival candidate's supporters, booed and catcalled Paul's win while the real crowd this year erupted in joyous celebration of Paul's win. You can hear that at the end of the video.
This couldn't have been a mistake, and it's straight out of the Soviet Union.

added - on Monday congress voted to extend the vile Patriot act. Beforehand:

"There was, incidentally, an interesting motion to recommit from House Democrats.

Every Member of Congress takes an oath to protect and defend the Constitution. While Members of Congress are all united in their commitment to protect our country against its enemies, they should be equally united to uphold the Constitution.

Today, Democrats offered a motion to recommit on legislation to extend expiring provisions of the PATRIOT Act to ensure that PATRIOT Act powers are not used to violate the Constitutional freedoms and protections guaranteed to all Americans. The motion included two parts:

No Constitutional shortcuts. When investigating American citizens, the government must comply with the Constitution, even in national security investigations

Challenging unconstitutional action. If a citizen challenges the government's use of PATRIOT Act power in a court of law, the case must be expedited to ensure the individual's rights are upheld.

A total of two House Republicans -- Texas' Ron Paul and North Carolina's Walter Jones -- voted for this, while 234 did not."


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