Sunday, January 02, 2011

Nation Of Scared, Cowardly Pussies

Popping Balloons Mistaken For Bank Robbery - Helium Balloons Scared Armored Car Employee

"AURORA, Colo. -- Aurora police responding to a report of shots fired in a bank instead found it was party balloons that had popped.
An Aurora police sergeant told 7NEWS an armored car employee was in a locked room at the Wells Fargo bank near East Mississippi Avenue and South Sable Boulevard when he heard several pops at 10:15 a.m.
The sergeant told 7NEWS the employee thought the pops were shots, so he called police.

Aurora police officers surrounded the bank. They found bank employees were having a party."

Capitol Evacuated After Airline Pilot Mistake

"Investigators interviewed the Piedmont pilots. They discovered that one of the pilots had accidentally turned to the radio wrong frequency."

Newark Airport Terminal Temporarily Closed Over Scary Luggage

"The FBI says in a statement the device appeared to be a computer monitor that was emitting small amounts of radiation, which is normal. The owner of the checked package had already boarded the flight."


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