Sunday, January 02, 2011

Jeebusman To The Rescue

'Captain Salvation' has souls to save

"Hawn is reaching out to kids with his comic book, which has been shipped to missionaries around the world, and with local appearances by former Carolina Panther Shane Burton, who dresses as Captain Salvation at churches, schools and Christian concerts.
Hawn also brought in Joshua Carpenter, 26, a Bible school graduate and former Christian camp counselor, to help make the storyline and dialogue truer to the Bible and more relevant to today's young people.
To get that comic-book superhero look, Hawn hired Greg Waller, a former Marvel and DC comics artist who worked from Hawn's sketches.
To bankroll it all, Hawn sold DTI Global, the technology company he had started in Atlanta to do document services for law firms.
The sale gave him the time and money to pursue what he calls "my dream: to create the largest Sunday school in the world" through comic books, live performances and filmed adventures - all starring Captain Salvation."

"Disguised as a mild-mannered vitamin salesman, the character who will become Captain Salvation is the son and grandson of superheroes. Like them, he relies on his own strength to do good works. But after he survives a mishap in which villains strap a bomb to his chest, he accepts Christ and is born again as Captain Salvation - dedicated to doing God's will and relying on God's power.
"Victory!! In Jesus' name!" Captain Salvation says (in a dialogue balloon) as he vanquishes a giant robot in league with the devilish forces of the underground.
The muscular captain even has a masked sidekick: Joshua quotes the Bible and, in a takeoff on David's defeat of Goliath, loads his slingshot with magic yams.
Their version of the Batmobile is a vintage Harley motorcycle with sidecar. "Quick, Joshua," Captain Salvation says whenever there's new evil to battle, "to the HOLY ROLLER!!!"


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