Saturday, January 01, 2011

Life In Fascist Hell

Altruism is a sin.

Woman Arrested After Trying To Return Wallet -
Aurora Man Left Wallet On Gas Pump While On Motorcycle Trip In Wyoming

"The Aurora resident went on vacation with his brother and grandson last July. They were on their way to Billings, Mont., when they stopped to fuel up in Casper, Wyo.
"I had an old timers moment," McCreary said. "I left my wallet on top of the pump. I didn't realize I'd lost it until I was about 100 miles down the road."
McCreary told 7NEWS that once he realized his wallet was missing, he turned around and headed back to Casper.
Another customer at the Common Cents convenience store found the wallet.
Deborah Heinrich said she opened it to find who it belonged to and then started making phone calls.
"I left messages at his home phone after I found his number on the Internet," Heinrich said. "I called his bank and a Harley Davidson dealer listed on a business card in his wallet."
When asked if she had intended to keep the wallet, Heinrich replied, "No, not at all."
Heinrich said she even contacted police and asked them for help tracking down the owner.
Once McCreary got back to Casper, he filed a police report.
Police phoned Heinrich back and asked her for the wallet. She said she was going to hang on to it until she heard from McCreary what he wanted her to do.
She said police became aggressive and demanding, but she held firm.
"I just didn't need to be bullied," she said.
Police then arrested Heinrich, and was charged her with interference.
"I said, 'Are you serious? I'm going to jail for trying to return a guy's wallet to him,'" Heinrich said.
The first attempt to prosecute her ended in a mistrial.
The judge has set a new trial date for Jan. 13."


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