Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Apocalypse Birds

The official explanation is "fireworks".

And elsewhere

Up to 100,000 fish found dead along Arkansas River

The official explanation is "disease".

Possible real explanation of the mass death?


Blogger AionEssence said...

All very important (& pertinent), except perhaps for the last url link given on this post ...

While i too, can't help but consider US Military involvement as a factor in the wholescale animal deaths (either through Weapons Testing, War Games, or HAARP), the use of 'Sorcha Faal' (DISINFO artist extraordinaire) as a reference tends to lend a highly dubious element to such a conclusion; if not completely undermining the entire topic altogether.

Mithinks one should always pay special attention to the thematic spin at hand whenever one reads the phrase 'Kremlin reports' (or something similar) comes up in the opening paragraph of an 'article'. I don't think i need remind anyone that The Kremlin, has never been in the habit of releasing their findings to the public at large. But who might be so inclined as to do so (release False Reports) on their 'behalf ?
Well, certainly the other team [note IP address of 'What Does It Mean?' is in McLean, VA] might want to consider sullying the field with a bit of 'Black Propaganda'. But perhaps a third party mught be just as eager to 'enlighten' [OBFUSCATE] the issue. I will leave that up to your imagination.

11/1/11 5:28 PM  

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