Monday, December 13, 2010

Our Overlords Were Simply Practicing For Us

flashback 12/2004 - Iris scans for Iraqi civilians

"The scans are one of several measures coalition forces are putting in place amid fears that insurgents hiding among the tens of thousands of refugees expected to return to the battered city in coming weeks will renew their violent campaign against US and Iraqi troops."
(Translation: occupation forces and Vichy thugs)
"When people start to return, military aged men will be entered into a biometric (system). Their fingerprint and iris scans will be taken and they will be given an ID card," Sattler said.

"We're doing this to establish a database."

now 12/2010 - The New York Police Department Starts Using Iris Scans on Suspects

"In a move questioned by the New York Civil Liberties Union and some of New York's top lawyers, the New York Police Department is now using machines to photograph and scan the irises of prisoners as they pass through New York Central Booking. The department claims that this new high-tech identification program is part of a failsafe measure meant to prevent escapes as suspects move through New York's complex and winding court system.

Individuals deeply concerned with civil liberties and privacy, like New York top lawyer David Perecman, are uneasy with new regime of personal data collection."


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