Friday, December 10, 2010

By God, It's Always 'Research'

Ex-head of B'nai Brith Que. jailed for child porn

"A Montreal judge has sentenced Bill Surkis, former director of B'nai Brith Quebec, to 45 days in jail after he pleaded guilty to child pornography charges.
Surkis, 71, will serve his time on weekends, Justice CĂ©line Lamontagne ruled in Quebec Superior Court in Montreal on Thursday.
After the sentencing hearing, Surkis left the courthouse with his wife, promising to report Saturday to a provincial jail for his first weekend behind bars.
In May, Surkis agreed to a plea bargain in which he pleaded guilty to possessing and accessing child pornography.
He admitted to downloading about nine hours of videos of sexual acts involving girls under the age of 16, saying he did it because he was curious."

ummmm, research

Please have faith, it's only research


Anonymous Anonymous said...

In many Buddhist countries, sexual foreplay and love-making are the same thing. In the west, Catholic Church dogma has criminalized sexual foreplay and in so doing, has basically denied that it has anything to do with love.

After this dogma has been hammered into so many Catholic's brains, such that they cannot see any connection between sex and love, except to make babies, it is easy to understand how they could also demonize and criminalize pornography, especially when it involves so-called "underage" "children" who are not yet "18 yo".

Upon this religious dogma they have built a policy in which they can criminalize anyone simply for possessing pictures of "underage" "children" engaged in acts which in many Buddhist countries are considered a form of love-making, but in the western Catholic-dominated world is considered nothing more than filty "sex".

Now, the final conclusion to this therefore also means that the Catholic Church and the ruling-class and governments that it dominates has actually criminalized love for "children" and the pictures which expose such acts.

11/12/10 12:55 AM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

I agree that our societal insanity extends to every aspect of life, and seems to get most shrill about love and sex. Our overlords use this against us most effectively by insisting on unreal, uptight "morality" standards while at the same time dangling forbidden fruit for power and profit.
I was raised a catholic and boy do I know what you're saying about them.

The sickness especially applies to kids. Our society refuses to grasp the fact all children are sensual at all ages, and of course sexual from puberty on which occurs younger and younger now.

So this whole boiling insanity soup produces some seriously fucked up people who couldn't tell the difference between loving gestures and outright abuse if their lives depended on it, add in violently insane religious dogma and we in a hellhole of a mess. Sexual predators abound especially in the overlords' death and slavery cults and religious sects. I really hate to go this route anon, because capability for even more repression is written right into it, but rapists and abusers have to be stopped. I only wish it would start at the top of the food chain. And this "research" excuse gets lame after a while.
I wish we lived in a better world where innocent exploration and loving gestures were common and welcome, but we don't of course.

11/12/10 6:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We also live in a world where collective punishment of an entire society and violation of everyone's civil rights by an authoritarian state that sees everything in black and white, all because of the stupidity of a few, seems to be the accepted norm.

12/12/10 7:47 AM  

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