Wednesday, December 08, 2010

How Many More Of These Stupid "Plots" Are We Going To Swallow As We Descend Into The Pits Of Hell?

Man arrested in alleged plot to blow up military recruitment center

"BALTIMORE — A man has been arrested for plotting to blow up a military recruitment center in the Baltimore area, authorities said Wednesday.
The Baltimore man, identified as Antonio Martinez, planned to detonate a vehicle bomb at a U.S. Armed Forces recruitment center in Catonsville, Md., a plot that was a sting operation, the U.S. Justice Department said.
"There was no actual danger to the public as the explosives were inert and the suspect had been carefully monitored by law enforcement for months," said Justice Department spokesman Dean Boyd.
The arrest follows a series of sting operations by law enforcement agencies involving terrorism plots, including one case in which an Oregon man was arrested last month on charges he tried to detonate a car bomb near a Christmas tree lighting ceremony in Portland.
A senior FBI official told NBC News the suspect had been under surveillance for two months, was given a phony bomb and was then arrested after trying to detonate it at the recruitment center. The Armed Forces Career Center, located in a shopping center, houses Army, Air Force and Marine Corps recruiters."


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