Wednesday, December 08, 2010

CIA Shill, Witless Patsy Or Man Of The Year?

The Scarlet Pimpernel of Cyberspace

"The famed fictional Pimpernel, Sir Percy Blakeney, Bart., enraged revolutionary France by snatching aristocrats from the jaws of the guillotine. Our modern version, a curious Australian name Julian Assange, has outraged the United States and given its citizens a chance to see its government at work abroad – and it’s not a pretty sight.

Ignore all the screams from official Washington and angry Republicans about violations of security. Bureaucrats the world over hate like crazy to see their blunders, double-dealing and incompetence exposed to public gaze.

But far from the "9/11 of diplomacy," as Italy’s overexcited Italian foreign minister proclaimed, so far the WikiLeaks revelations don’t offer much that is new – at least to this veteran journalist and intelligence observer. Lots of amusing gossip, yes, but no bombshells – yet. And a rather melancholy view of an empire that seems on its way out."

"Note the total absence of any criticism of Israel in spite of the fact that it is so deeply involved in making US Mideast policy. In fact, we have seen Israel’s viewpoint, particularly towards Iran, woven through WikiLeaks – and no dissenting opinions."

There’s also something about WikiLeaks that smells nasty to me. I sense the leaks have been heavily censored, or cherry-picked before the public saw them. Much seems to be missing. But what these missing pieces are remains an unknown.

For example, the New York Times, one of the recipients of the entire leak package of thousands of cables, appeared to use them selectively to push its pro-war position in Afghanistan and press for war against Iran. The "revelations" brought cheers from the war party.

But where was information about involvement of Afghanistan’s Tajik-Uzbek Northern Alliance, the key US ally there, in running the drug trade? Or the influential Afghan Communist Party?

Call them the dogs that didn’t bark."

The whole thing has an odor to me also. It's tawdry time line seems to be more of an ongoing psy op than a naturally evolving story. Anybody who's really paid attention to government criminality wouldn't have been shocked by anything that was released, and just as Margolis says above, there sure seems to be a lot missing. Just like those planted reports that Assange was on some hit lists even before the first data dump, I tend to think his supposed incarceration and pending prosecution is probably a ruse to make it seem to the gullible that he and the government are on different sides of the fence. It also gives more credence to the data that was exposed, which just so happens to point to new targets in the fascist war agenda as well as exonerate Israel. And we have to remember the biggest gaping hole - nothing about 9/11.
But this smarmy saga sure has dominated the news, effectively steering peoples' attention from our ongoing economic bus plunge. Which may be one intended outcome , along with having yet another issue to disunite government critics, this time into camps that swallow the story and think Assange is a saint, and those who see it as yet more propaganda. Divide and conquer and all that.

Former Pakistani General: CIA, Mossad behind WikiLeaks Reports

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