Tuesday, December 07, 2010

MSM Keeps Flogging Dead Horses Of Consumption And Phantom "Recovery"

Little luxuries: Shoppers treat themselves to lattes, lacy bras

"NEW YORK — Few companies were clobbered harder than Starbucks in the recession. The coffee chain with outposts on every corner came to represent all that was wrong with American businesses and shoppers: unchecked expansion, self-indulgence and mindless credit-card swiping.
Now, customers who swore off frivolous spending during the recession are lining up again for their $4 caffeine fix. The company's net income nearly doubled and revenue rose 17% in the most recent quarter compared with a year earlier, as more Americans allowed themselves a small treat.
After seeing their retirement funds and home equity shrink drastically, consumers tightened their belts in a shift some economists dubbed the New Frugality. Fortunately for the world's largest latte purveyor and other peddlers of small luxuries, Americans have short memories.
Affordable luxury goods like gourmet coffee, lingerie and high-end skin cream have been enjoying a comeback since the stock market began to rally in August and higher-income Americans started feeling better about their finances."

Fuck you USAToday you stinkbag of a whoring rag.

model shows off xmas bra


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