Sunday, December 12, 2010

Upper Crust To Now Use Water Cannons On The Great Unwashed

Defiant Charles and Camilla: we won't be cowed

"The Sunday Telegraph understands that the royal couple want to carry on with "business as usual". Although they found the assault intimidating, they will not be scaling back their public engagements or abandoning walkabouts.

A royal aide said both the Prince and the Duchess would remain as "visible" as ever during public engagements."

"Their default position is to get out there and get on with the job. It is absolutely business as usual.

Officers yesterday issued photographs of 14 individuals from last Thursday's protests, some of whom were wanted in connection with the attack on the royal convoy in Regent Street.

Royal sources said the couple maintained full confidence in the ability of the police to bring those responsible for the attack to justice.

They also insisted that the couple remained "extremely supportive" of their police protection officers, and blamed the incident on the rioters, and not the police."

"Police leaders have urged the authorities to consider making water cannon available for the first time on the British mainland.

One senior source at the Police Federation said the rioting in central London would have come to a much earlier conclusion if protesters had been given a "good soaking".

Arrogance of the Aristocrats

British regulators refuse to let public know why Royal Bank of Scotland was bailed out because it would only confuse them


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