Thursday, November 04, 2010

Were All The Phony Terror Plots For Specific Reasons?

Just like 9/11 was the grandaddy ploy of all the bullshit the fascists wanted to accomplish, they seemed to have honed their stunts to specifically justify individual police state actions. Taken together, it seems the overlords want air traffic customers to be humiliated, fearful, ignorant and to have to buy any snacks and drinks from overpriced airport vendors. Just empty your pockets and move along, sheep.

Aircraft bomb finds may spell end for in-flight Wi-Fi

"The long-awaited ability to use a cellphone or Wi-Fi connection on an aircraft might become a casualty of the latest aviation security threat.
It was revealed on 29 October that parcels containing a powdered explosive packed in laser printer cartridges had travelled undetected on aircraft to the UK and to Dubai in the UAE. A cellphone connected to a detonation circuit could have allowed a terrorist to trigger an explosion by calling or texting the phone."

Shoe bomber - humiliating remove-all-footwear rule

Liquid bomber - the 3 ounce restriction
Thirsty? Go buy a $3 bottle of Dasani

Crotchbomber - cancer causing naked X ray scanners in every airport


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