Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Pitcher Or Catcher?

Barack Obama sex doll for sale in China

the one to his immediate left is quite impressed

"A doll wearing a dark blue suit and red tie, and with Mr Obama's face carefully screen-printed onto its head, was exhibited at the recent 8th Sex Culture Festival in the southern city of Guangzhou.
The doll was photographed by Chinese state media nestling behind several other standard plastic female toys.
Mr Obama is widely popular in China, and a "Maobama" t-shirt, bearing an image of his face crossed with a portrait of Chairman Mao, has become a best-seller.
The Guangzhou show, which was only open to adults, cost 30 yuan (£3)
to enter and was visited by "tens of thousands" of people, according to a spokesman for the Guangdong Gongchuang Economic Development company, the organisers. One star attraction was a female doll costing 98,000 yuan.
"We do not know which manufacturer produced this doll," the spokesman added.
However, the picture of the Obama doll, which circulated on the Chinese internet, drew an wide array of responses. "How could they place the US president behind those other poorly-made models. He is the head of a big country, after all," wrote one anonymous commentator on the Netease internet forum.

"Why can't we have a Mao Tse-tung toy?" asked another."


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