Thursday, November 04, 2010

Homer Predicts The Next 9/11

I wanted to see that "9/11 Hidden in Hollywood" but unfortunately it was taken down because of copywrite restrictions.
It's absolutely true that our death cult overlords somehow have a need to insert information into the public consciousness or subconsciousness about their upcoming misdeeds. One reason I've found that could be plausible is that it somehow accelerates or strengthens the effects of what they do. Another is that it will exculpate the perps in a karmic sense, in that by releasing information about planned murder, even in a cryptic way, they get absolved from blame because the victims will then be consenting participants. In any event they seem to do it a lot.

One 'tell' I caught was just after 9/11 when I was rewatching "The Patriot" with Mel Gibson. It was right in the beginning of the movie when he was putting the finishing touches on a rocking chair. He lifts it up to weigh it, announces it to be 9 pounds 11 ounces, then sits down on it and it crashes into pieces. There's an audience of kids in the hayloft who watches this, as if that was a subtle clue that we should pay attention too, and the title of the movie seems to fit. I patted myself on the back for catching this until I found out I was hardly the first to find it. Roland Emmerich, the director and producer, seems to specialize in the future in his films. He went on to do "The Day after Tomorrow" and "2012".

More seeming foreknowledge of 9/11 was in "The Matrix" when Neo is first arrested by the agents. His passport in the records book agent Smith opens up has the expiration date 9/11/2001. Both movies came out in the two years prior to Black Tuesday.


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