Friday, November 05, 2010

It Was Always Meant To Come To This

Check out the terrorists.

Pennsylvania Homeland Security monitored residents’ tweets

"Emails recently released from a Right-To-Know request show that the Pennsylvania Department of Homeland Security monitored the twitter activity of law-abiding citizens.

The emails, obtained by the website, show that a private firm used twitter to collect intelligence on anti-war protests as a part of their contract with the department.

Institute of Terrorism Research and Response (ITRR) monitored the activities of the Berks Peace Community, a group of Quaker-affiliated senior citizens, who routinely meet on the Penn State Bridge in Reading to protest America's "war habit."

"But ITRR found no related tweets and the next day the protest proved to be of the usual non-threatening sort.

"We placed our best Twitter researcher on the task," wrote Perelman. "She was unable to locate any planned communications for the protest. That fact is significant. Our inability to locate a communications network indicates that probably none exists.
"Informed knowledge of the anarchist movement would indicate that there is potential that the name ANSWER is enough to bring outside aggressive anarchists to the protest. ITRR has no intelligence to indicate either way. As discussed yesterday, if they come they will most likely act in a lone-wolf/small cell capacity outside the perimeter of free speech activity," he added."


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