Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Feeling Guilty?

1 in 7 of the people who showed up at this event hadn't broken the law.

More than 3,900 fugitives turn themselves in at Somerset County 'Safe Surrender' program

"Sometimes it must feel good to not be wanted.

Over four days last week, 3,901 people from across New Jersey lined up for hours outside the First Baptist Church of Lincoln Gardens in Franklin to turn themselves in at the Fugitive Safe Surrender program.

But about 550 people, or 14 percent, learned they weren’t wanted on any kind of warrant.
"Oddly enough, that’s true," state parole board spokesman Neal Buccino said today. "For some people, this seemed to be a way to check: Do I have a warrant or not? Or maybe some people didn’t know they had a case dismissed."

"The U.S. Marshals Service started Safe Surrender five years ago, allowing people wanted for nonviolent crimes such as traffic violations or minor drug charges to surrender in return for "favorable" treatment. Most avoid jail time, instead receiving probation or a reduced fine.


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