Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Escaping Reality

Sweet Hallucinations Of A Lost American Dream

"Americans today are behaving like resigned and subdued rape victims. The American dream has long since been dead but we still reminisce and wish to return to the days of old. This country is being run like a corporation and we have been severely downsized. The writing was on the wall but no one dared to look. If they did look, none dared to speak it aloud. This is what has led us to the world we live in today and still none dare call it treason!

There was a time when our country succeeded because of the hard work of every man and woman. We made products and had valuable goods and services to offer the world. Yet there was a change that took place by our trusted government officials and they began to move our nation towards debt and exploitation. Every weaker nation on earth was our prey and the military and supporting corporations leaned on them and forced them to do their bidding.

If a nation did not do our bidding then our government would swiftly drum up some farcical story and it wasn’t too long before we replaced their governments and controlled them directly. The three B’s would always do the trick: bribery, blackmail or bullets. They still run from the same play book even after all these years. The up and coming major developing nations took notice and they wanted to play this geopolitical game of risk themselves and now we aren’t they only hoard of locusts now. On the global playing field there is more competition now than there ever has been."

"Wise up America, admit you’ve been had and stop escaping reality and come back to us!"

Steppenwolf Monster/Suicide


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