Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Wikileaks Story Has An Odor To It

Much as I like the idea of a "Pentagon Papers" expose of government perfidy in foreign wars of fascist convenience there's something, actually a bunch of things, that should give us pause for thought.

The first thing that speaks volumes is the amount of play it's gotten in MSM. Of course pack jouirnalism means if a story seems to have a whiff of broad appeal the execrable media has to try to cover it before the competition, a la Lindsay Lohan's latest vagina tattoo. But it can also mean that this is information, or disinformation, that the PTB want in front of the great unwashed as pure propaganda to further an agenda. Remember the Jessica Lynch idiocy? Or go back further to the first gulf slaughter and the widely disseminated and repeated incubator baby hoax to kick off the beginning of the end of Iraq. Now on the face of it these 90,000+ leaked pages are different in that it's damning testimony to the corrupt and sickeningly brutal Afghan occupation, but we always have to remember the people who run the show play chess while we're still sitting around thinking we're playing checkers. As far as the MSM is concerned, there seems to have been close cooporation with the administration about what was going to be "exposed".
We have to treat anything like this as disinformation.

But what exactly does it all "expose"?
Chris Floyd lists the main points:

"That the occupation forces kill lots of civilians at checkpoints and botched raids, then lie about it afterward.
That these killings make Afghans angry and fuel the insurgency.
That elements of Pakistani intelligence are involved with some elements of the many resistance groups known collectively (and incorrectly) in the West as the Taliban.
That the Americans are using more and more robot drones to kill people.
That the Americans are running death squads in Afghanistan aimed at Taliban leaders.
That Afghan officials are corrupt, and that Afghan police and military forces are woefully inadequate."

Is there anything new here to people who've been paying attention? Apparently not, we've known all this from reportage, eyewitnesses and the american military itself. Actually the intent of disseminating this old news seems to make people resonate with what they already know while insinuating the true message, involvement of Pakistani and Iranian governments in Afghanistan in aiding the Taliban against the US military. In fact getting this spin inserted into 'left wing media' seems to be the intent here as the war machine gears up for it's much prepared for Iranian Lollapalooza. The whole point for empire is to prolong it's conflicts, to maintain the murderous occupation, to keep the drugs moving and the funding flowing. If the intent of the Wikileaks data dump was to bring the war criminals to justice nobody in his or her right mind should believe it will ever happen.

And what about Assange himself? In retrospect the ballyhoo about the CIA hunting down the Wikileaks founder last month seems to have been just more bullshit, a story to set the stage for coming out of his hideyhole with his data dump. I've got to say, anybody who dismisses 9/11 as a distraction and a false conspiracy doesn't pass my personal litmus test.
And as for 9/11, is it a coincidence that now we see a story in MSM like this?

Wikileaks Afghanistan: Osama bin Laden alive

"Osama bin Laden is alive and playing a key role in directing the war in Afghanistan, leaked US military files suggest.
Multiple intelligence reports on the whereabouts of the al-Qaeda leader are contained among the documents."



Anonymous Nz said...

But it can also mean that this is information, or disinformation, that the PTB want in front of the great unwashed as pure propaganda to further an agenda.

I've been thinking the same thing. It is even possible that Wikileaks and Assange have already been assimilated by the Imperial Masters, and they have decided to either put a gun to his head and make him play along with a facade or they have replaced him with one of their own phony journalists and are simply pretending that he is still at large and continuing to be the hero that the antiwar majority favors.

All for their own hidden agenda, of course.

28/7/10 5:24 AM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

Pure and simple, it's being given too much play in the corporate media, Nz.

28/7/10 2:23 PM  

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