Sunday, July 25, 2010

All Things Palinesque

Snarling SarahCuda: MK-Ultra Mind Controlled BETA Programmed Sex Slave/Human Laptop on Auto-Pilot

“when fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross” — Lewis Sinclair

"For a clear understanding of not who, but “what” Sarah Palin & family are, the reader MUST be familiar w/MK-Ultra Monarch Programming, which created the Palin phenomenon (see MK-Ultra tab on blog header) This page focuses exclusively on: Palin’s MK-Ultra Monarch Programming, State of Alaska Power Structure, Occult-Masonic-Disney Themes, Palin Media Team & Palin Assets…
Palin has been hand picked and groomed by Global Mgt. Team (“GMT”) before she was a child –this NSA-CIA “controlled asset” was hidden far away from the masses, in the tiny town of Wasilla. Palin was being trained (prog’md) by sadistic neurosurgeons, behavioral scientists, psychiartists and psychologists working w/in Monarch Prog under aegis of NSA-CIA Military-Industrial-Apparatus and no expense was spared — Hollywood acting coaches, voice coaches and stylists were contracted to make the Alaskan MK’d Kitten sparkle! This was after years of “grooming” — first as Mrs. Wasilla, then runner -up in Mrs. Alaska pageant (worldwide pageant system functions as a smorgasbord of MK’s for GMT. Prog’mrs (quite possiby Dr. Ewen Cameron a.k.a. Dr. White) methodically and skillfully layered in her “alters” (mind files) IAW-SOP rape/torture/trauma, for use in Hollywood scripted fantasy narrative of “local hometown girl makes good” (front page copy), launching her meteoric rise in Alaskan political circles — then her grand entrance on natl. stage, to mesmerize electorate, capture hearts/minds of GOP evangelical base, as their first woman VP candidate, and current role as chief antagonist to Obama/ left-wing of phony political paradigm.
As planned, she performed this “social alchemy” brilliantly. Palin’s unique blend of folksiness, brashness, quirky combativeness, stinging humor, “look-at-me” mannerisms and overt sexiness , knocked voters out! However, as one begins to pull the threads of her fictitious political resume, it quickly becomes clear, “the character” named Sarah L. Palin was carefully constructed to check off boxes on GOP candidate application – the attraction is pure cult of personality…"

praise jeebus, I have arrived


Anonymous ITK7 said...

Tx much for shout out! the forces that created this mincing, winking jukebox of GOP talking points and folksy fear-based rhetoric are deadly serious, and we must be equally fierce in our opposition to their fiendish goals...

see BP Eco-Terror: Tyranny By Fools

Be Well & Stay Vigilant

25/7/10 7:02 PM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

"Mincing, winking jukebox"
Oh my word that's good.

27/7/10 3:12 PM  

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