Sunday, July 25, 2010

Look Out Below

*JUST IN* Geochemist in Gulf says “When it rains, a lot of junk comes down from the particulate”

"University of California Santa Barbara scientist and marine geochemistry expert Dr. David Valentine participated in a 10-day expedition to research the BP oil disaster.
Valentine noted that the area around the spill site “had a cloud of smoke hanging over it at all times”. The cloud was composed of surface burn smoke and the methane flair-up.
He said the burns form “one thick mass of clouds, and when it rains, a lot of junk comes down from the particulate“.
Read the full July 24, 2010 article on Dr. Valentine in the Santa Barbara Independent:
Soot in the Sky, Gas in the Water."

As the gulf dies, watch how the news is strictly censored.


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