Friday, July 23, 2010

"Loyalty Oaths To A Jewish, Democratic State"

Fascism in full bloom.

more from the murderous little racist entity - Israel refuses to stop using internationally banned phosphorus bombs

"The Israeli government has refused to provide the United Nations assurance to discontinue its illegal usage of internationally banned white phosphorus bombs, which it used heavily in its latest war on the Gaza Strip, causing hundreds of Palestinian deaths, in addition to serious environmental damage.
Israel submitted an official report to the UN this week admitting its use of white phosphorus bombs in its war on Gaza after having previously denied such allegations, and assuring that it would use the bombs in a "restricted" manner, but refusing to assure complete discontinuation."

This, of course, is fascism. A militarized corporate state, with a dismissive wave of it's hand, will decide on it's own whether to again use internationally banned chemical terror weapons on defenseless cities. Treaties and laws are for lesser people and the master race has the wonderful distinction of being number one in telling the rest of the world to fuck off.
But what the hey, if they decide the negative PR about phosphorous is a little much they've got a big old list of banned weaponry they can run through, with stuff like cluster bombs or flechette nail bombs.


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