Saturday, June 19, 2010

Time To Pull A Big Hullabaloo To Sweep All The Bad News Off The Front Page?

Bad news for the ziofascist empire, that is. More and more people are waking up to the unholy marriage of the US and the shitty little terrorist entity. Israel might have thought that pulling their murderous rampage on the Turkish aid ship would scare further attempts to break the siege of Gaza, but that's continuously the mistake bellicose psychos who are full of themselves tend to make. Ever more blockade busting flotillas are on the way. Ominous sign that that the zionists don't care much at this point is how quickly they reversed their decision to "ease" their stranglehold on Gaza and how they're waving their dicks around and bellowing at their neighbors.

Another disastrous setback has been the complete break with Turkey, former apologist for the zionists and previously crucial to war on Iran. Within the last several days it appears the Turks are engaging in proxy war with Israel by going after Israeli trained and supplied Kurds in Iraq. Evidence that the break between Turkey and the empire is permanent is how Turkey is being dragged through the mud and villified in zionist controlled MSM. You know a country is on the shitlist when it's leader gets singled out for attack.

It's slowly dawning on american mouthbreathers that contrary to the massive security and information curtain drawn around the extinction event in the gulf and the propaganda blitz to minimize it, We're Fucked.
The phony "recovery" from the "recession" is smoke and mirrors and there is no functioning economy. People know this, but the propaganda mill obligingly chirps it's smiley face crap about this increase and that success story, although the only ones doing well are the banks and corporations who got fed trillions of our money in the biggest heist in history.

No, this is turning into the summer from hell and it isn't even summer yet.

There's been speculation for years that empire would pull their shock and awe treatment on the rest of Israels rivals in the middle east. The fascists have been to the brink several times and then pulled back again. For what reasons? Warned off by Russia, weren't sure everything was in place, loss of Turkey, who knows. Maybe they wanted to wait until what will turn into a world war to force bad news to the sidelines, and if that's the case the news has never been this bad and it's getting worse by the day.
Time is not on their side if they want to have complete control over us before the consciousness shift in a couple of years.

So events in the last days and weeks point to something in the works, because the fascists have nothing left to offer the world but more war and death in their drive towards total hegemony.

+Israeli subs with nuclear tipped missiles are off the coast of Iran
+Russia was pressured somehow to suspend shipment of new missiles to Iran
+New aid flotillas to Gaza may be sunk
+Syria warns of war
+Armada of Israeli and US ships pass through Suez
+Pentagon is worried so much that Wikileaks has the goods to blow them out of the water that the founder is hunted down and may be murdered. New, devastating video of Afghan massacre about to be released
+That South Korean ship sinking was busted as a false flag where the US played a part
+Rage explodes against BP and the governmentabout gulf catastrophe
+Huge number of disaster drills held around the country

added - Wagging the fake "Al Qaeda"


Anonymous nick z said...

Don't forget that both the FCC and the WH are lining up parameters to regulate and kill the internet, just as they're getting ready to launch a fleet of killer drones over American air-space.

They'll want to shut down any and all sites that might freely post info about their escalating murderous activities.

20/6/10 8:36 AM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

Good point. I've wondered over the years when they'd decide to shut down our last bit of real democracy. Probably when they feel they've lost the propaganda wars.

20/6/10 4:23 PM  

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