Saturday, June 19, 2010

Go Shopping

Jaw dropping Chamber of Commerce propaganda from the NYT:


Let's parse it out a little.
Completely staged of course, although desperately trying to look like a sort of rolled up sleeves, quickly snapped vacation shot.
In late June it will be pretty hot and muggy around noon if the head shadows are an indication of the time of day. But they removed the shadows under the umbrellas and recliners when they whitened the beach sand so much it hurts your eyes.
No wind here, no whitecaps, perfectly aligned umbrellas, and just some buoys, white house security skidoos, or are they oil skimmers? just off the beach.
They want you to metaphorically "consume that pristine beach sand" with 1,2 3! white snowcones, the third thrust into the photo from some staffer off to the left.
I like the trash container inclusion, as if to reassure the target audience any of those pesky tar balls will be taken care of nice and promptly.
Barbour prefers to dig into his cone while listening to his Commander in Chief as Obama level headedly gazes into the future.
Get back into the air conditioning fellas, before the sweat stains have to be photoshopped out.

And remember ~~~>

Oil Spill Jobs Are Better Than ‘Normal’ Ones, Storm Will Clean up Oil

I guarantee you there will be very little evidence that the Deepwater Horizon ever blew out, if its shut off by the time the hurricanes gets here. And it’s not magic, its just dilution. It mixes it up, spreads it out, breaks it down and it’s gone. We still shouldn’t be putting it in there, don’t get me wrong, but storms and nature is what keeps getting us out of these binds.”


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