Saturday, June 19, 2010

Masters Of The Universe Just Can't Help Themselves

Corporate mass murderer 'gets his life back'.

BP CEO's yacht outing infuriates Gulf residents

"EMPIRE, La. – BP chief executive Tony Hayward took a day off Saturday to see his 52-foot yacht "Bob" compete in a glitzy race off England's shore, a leisure trip that further infuriated residents of the oil-stained Gulf Coast.
While Hayward's pricey ship whipped around the Isle of Wight on a good day for sailing — breezy and about 68 degrees — anger simmered on the steamy Gulf Coast, where crude has been washing in from the still-gushing spill.
"Man, that ain't right. None of us can even go out fishing, and he's at the yacht races," said Bobby Pitre, 33, who runs a tattoo shop in the crossroads town of Larose, La. "I wish we could get a day off from the oil, too."
BP spokespeople rushed to defend Hayward, who has drawn withering criticism as the public face of BP PLC's halting efforts to stop the worst offshore oil spill in U.S. history.
Company spokesman Robert Wine said the break is the first for Hayward since the Deepwater Horizon rig BP was leasing exploded April 20, killing 11 workers and setting off the undersea gusher.
"He's spending a few hours with his family at a weekend. I'm sure that everyone would understand that," Wine said."

Hayward is now a dead man walking.
The other day I expressed my opinion to Mrs Lipstick that this extinction event in the gulf, which began on April 20, right in the middle of the high holy days of human sacrifice, is going to explode into an orgy of death. Exactly what the blood cult running this show wants. Untold environmental destruction will kill many and start to convince people to cash themselves out of this plane of existence, and many others will try to take it out on insensitive corporate scum like this Hayward reptile.


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